WATT Group Coaching is led by Sheri Jenkinson, an ICF certified coach.  The program is designed to assist participants in understanding and articulating their strengths and talents, as well as to provide tools for dealing with daily challenges in the workplace and at home.  Together the group will explore their individual patterns of behavior and the various group dynamics that impact us in the workplace.  As participants discuss the topics outlined in the program agenda, they will support each other and share their experiences.  This facilitated group interaction will provide additional perspective as participants develop potential solutions to common challenges.
Program Agenda
The standard program includes an initial session to introduce the group, review self-assessments and discuss goals, plus 12 additional sessions covering topics that are relevant to women In technology, for a total of 13 sessions.  Self-Assessments include a combination of: Strengths & Style Assessment (StrengthFinder2.0, Birkman or other), a Code of Values Worksheet and a Skills Assessment customized for your group.  A sample list of topics is available.  All groups will have the flexibility to modify the agenda to be sure that their personal and group needs are met.
3 components to each session: Learning, Coaching and Group Discussions
  1. Learning – The coach will share relevant information on the topic
  2. Coaching – The coach will use questioning techniques and group exercises that are based on neuroscience and positive psychology to elicit thought, new perspectives and self-awareness that will aid in participants’ efforts to develop creative solutions for their personal challenges
  3. Group Discussion –The coach will facilitate a discussion around the learning and encourage participants to share their thoughts, challenges and ideas that may help others in the group with their own personal challenges.

Coaching Topics

All groups will begin with a session to discuss strengths & style preferences that will provide context for future coaching sessions. Participants will then be given an opportunity to shape the agenda with topics that are of most interest and importance to them.  Some suggested topics are listed here.

Size of the group will be a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 15, in order to allow the group to interact with each other on a more meaningful level.  If a group reaches maximum capacity, an additional group may be scheduled.

Scheduling is determined by the needs of the group participants.  Every effort will be made to accommodate your scheduling needs.  If a group fills up, we will add you to a waiting list for the next available group.


$35 - per session if paid monthly
$180 - per 6 sessions if pre-paid with  initial registration.

Bring a friend and receive an additional $5 discount per session. ($30 for individual sessions or $150 for 6 sessions)

Included with your registration:
1) 90 minute coaching session.  (Standard rates for 1:1 sessions are valued at $175/hour.)
2) A Birkman or StrengthFinder 2.0 assessment (normally $25).  Assessments will provide data and reports that will be useful throughout the program in areas of Leadership Development, Communications and Career Advancement and Transition.  Once you have registered, you will receive a link to take the assessment prior to our first session.
3) Discounted 1:1 coaching.  Participants in the WATT pilot program will receive a rate of $100/hour for 10 sessions (a savings of $750).

For an additional discounted fee,  participants may choose to add individual coaching hours.

Online and Face-to-Face groups are available.  

Company Sponsored Coaching Groups
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