WATT Group Coaching Topics

  1. Design Your Personal / Professional Development Plan
  2. How to Position Yourself as an Asset to the Team
  3. How Diversity Cultivates Innovation & Creativity
  4. Bitch vs. Boss
  5. Egos - Innies vs Outies
  6. Leader v. Team Player - Can we be both?
  7. Leading with a “Two-Parent” Philosophy
  8. Fitting In – “One of the Boys” vs “Token Girl” vs “Neutral”
  9. Dealing with Bias (Cultural and Unconscious)
  10. Dealing with an Overbearing Boss
  11. Work Smarter, Not Harder
  12. Using your Emotions for Good
  13. Create Support Systems


WATT Online Forum Topics

  1. Leading the Next Generation of Women in Technology
    (access a recorded session from May 23, 2014)
  2. Getting Back in the Game....and Changing the Rules