About Ipseity Coaching & Consulting

Sheri Jenkinson formed Ipseity Coaching & Consulting in 2012 to help others thrive personally and professionally. Throughout her career, she observed a great divide between corporate and personal objectives. Ipseity's goal is to help individuals and organizations jointly manage the change that is required for progress, so that amid the inevitable upheaval, negative impacts are minimized, intended results are achieved, and all can flourish.

Ipseity's two-pronged approach to change starts with encouraging individuals to take charge of their own careers and to seek out roles within a corporate culture that allow them to be their authentic selves. We partner with individuals to create awareness, to provide new perspectives and to hold them accountable to the action plans they create through the coaching process. Coaching aids in more creative problem solving and greater resilience to change, so that they can achieve their personal and professional goals while maintaining balance and energy.

For the second prong of this approach, we consult with organizations to help them understand their authentic cultures and to help them identify any changes that may be needed to accomplish their specific strategic objectives. We focus on the "people" aspect of change. Employee participation in the development of new processes and systems is encouraged to ensure change readiness, adoption and acceptance. This holistic approach enables corporations to build and sustain an authentic culture where both the corporation and its employees can thrive.