Listening Tour Kick-Off – Grassroots Culture Change

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A friend gave me the idea for a "Listening Tour".  I guess it's just a buzz word for market research, but I like it.  I want to listen more and talk less to find out more about the real issues with culture and collaboration within organizations today.  I want to gather ideas for helping individuals to get their ideas heard and their needs met, and for finding better ways for companies to access the full potential of their collective workforce, not just those ideas that come from their direct reports in their siloed departments.  You've read "The World Is Flat"; we can no longer work in our own little bubbles.  We need to find a way to leverage the talents that are available to what better way to officially launch my new company that to kick it off with a  "Listening Tour" event and listen to what you have to say?  I am thrilled to have stumbled upon a great success story in the making that epitomizes the message of Ipseity.  Gerry Mann, an ordinary IT guy in a middle management role at GameStop, has become extra--ordinary in my opinion.

He's going to kick off our interactive discussion with his story and share with us how he became the "Yoda" for his team and spread a great culture change that is moving all the way up through the C-level ranks.  Gerry's program is based on core values and a "heart + mind" management philosophy.  I truly hope that all of my readers will follow Gerry's story in the weeks and months to come and spread a little of the "Yoda" mentality in your own organizations.


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